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Storm Trooper Inspired Poster - StarWars - Ornate Armor Helmet


Ornate Armor Helmet - From XLUSIV

Printed on Satin finish 80# cover stock - 220 GSM with 1.5 mill Gloss Lamination.


Shipped in a quality poster tube.

Developed by the Imperial Department of Military Research, stormtrooper armor was the standard issue armor of the Imperial Army's Stormtrooper Corps, and was manufactured on planets such as Gilvaanen.[4][3] It was introduced sometime after the conclusion of the Clone Wars, and was intended to replace the Phase II clone trooper armor. It was made up of 18 individual, overlapping plastoid composite plates and synth-leather boots which allowed for mobility, while also dispersing energy, protecting the wearer from glancing blaster bolts. A reinforced alloy plate ridge assisted the user's upper thigh, and a sniper position knee protector plate over a wearer's left knee helped improve accuracy when crouching. While most armor was fitted for humans, other forms were manufactured to fit other body types.[2] A soft click would inform the wearer of whether or not they had correctly attached the armor.[5] The armor was also resistant to projectile weapons and blast shrapnel. However, the plating made running difficult, and was vulnerable to hits at the non armored parts, even against arrows. The armor dissipated energy from blaster shots, leaving the trooper unconscious, and with burns on large areas of the body. If the trooper was shot on the shoulder, it was possible he still went down. This meant that the trooper could survive direct hits, and after a quick bath in bacta, he was ready for service again. The armor didn't protect against blunt weapons though, some hits to the head with a club, or with stones could lead to falling unconscious, or even death, because of brain trauma and damage.